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A dental hygienist lists easy and effective ways to maintain healthy teeth and the gums


Take proper care of your teeth – It is a smart investment!

Achieving strong and healthy teeth is hardly a matter of luck. Rather it takes a lifetime of care. Even if you have nice-looking and healthy teeth yet it is important to make the necessary effort every day to take proper care of those. Only then you can prevent problems related to your oral health. The effort in this context mainly involves two things –

  • Being little mindful about your daily habits and
  • Using the right oral care products

Never go to bed at night without brushing the teeth

Dentists all over the world recommend brushing the teeth twice daily. Once in the morning, while starting the day. After that you should brush the teeth at night before going to bed. Unfortunately, a large number of people simply neglect brushing the teeth at night. But when you brush the teeth before bedtime harmful bacteria, plaque build-ups and germs that accumulate in the mouth over the day get cleared away.

Follow proper brushing technique 

The way you brush the teeth is equally important in maintaining sound oral health. If you do not brush in the right technique then that hardly makes any difference than not brushing at all. On the other hand when you make use of the right brushing technique food particles and plaque build-ups get easily removed from the teeth. If you are not confident whether your brushing technique is correct or incorrect then there is nothing to worry. A dental hygienist in London or for that matter anywhere else is the best person to learn the correct technique of brushing the teeth from. Here are a few tips to find you helpful.

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  • Always allocate a little time for brushing the teeth.
  • Hold the toothbrush at about an angle of 45 degrees with the teeth.
  • Move it in small circular motions to cover all three surfaces of the teeth.
  • Your mouth has four quadrants. Brush the teeth at each quadrant for just 30 seconds so that the overall procedure gets over within a couple of minutes.
  • Apply gentle pressure of the arm at the time of brushing.

When you do not brush the teeth properly, it leads to cavities in the teeth and gum disease.

Never neglect cleaning the tongue

Plaque also builds up on the tongue regularly. It is important to clean the tongue too while brushing the teeth. As you clean the tongue plaque build-ups from its surface get removed. How do you clean the tongue? Simply brush the tongue in a gentle manner while you are brushing the teeth. If the tongue is not clean it may give you a bad breath odour. Moreover, accumulated plaque build-ups on an unclean tongue can lead to other oral issues like tooth cavity, gum disease and others.

Use fluoride toothpaste

Toothpastes are one of the crucial items to maintain a strong and healthy mouth that is free of disease. Everyone must choose the right or appropriate toothpaste for their teeth. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the right kind of toothpaste people are only concerned about flavour and whitening power. You may choose any toothpaste of your choice but make sure it contains fluoride.   

Fluoride-based toothpastes are by and large the best thing for strong, healthy teeth and the gums opines one of the best dental hygienists in London. Fluoride is one of the most crucial elements to secure sound oral health. It forms the actual line of defence against caries or decay of tooth. the naturally found substance fights germs that cause decay in the tooth enamel. In addition to that fluoride also forms a protective barrier over your teeth.

Flossing is equally important as brushing

There are a lot of people who only brush the teeth and do not floss. Tiny food particles (like broccoli) often get stuck between the teeth. This causes discomfort. Flossing is not only meant to get rid of those discomforts. Rather it is a great way to stimulate the gums. Moreover, it also minimises plaque build-ups. It even lowers inflammation around the gum area. And you reap all these benefits by flossing only once daily.

Initially flossing could be little difficult but that should not mow you down

Flossing may prove little difficult especially in the initial stages. But that should not stop you from going the right way for a healthy and disease-free mouth. Nowadays tools are readily available in the market to make flossing easier. For example, dental flossers are ready to use and you can easily get it from your neighbourhood chemist shop. It is a good idea to invest in this type of tools rather than giving up flossing because of its difficulties.

Mouthwashes are helpful

Mouthwashes are a necessary item to maintain sound oral health. But a large number of people do not use mouthwashes because they are not aware how the products work. Mouthwashes work in three ways –

  • It reduces the quantity of acid in your mouth
  • It cleans the areas of the mouth that are hard to brush (mostly the areas in and around the gums)
  • It re-mineralises your teeth

A dentist associated with Thousand Smiles in London says mouthwashes are particularly helpful for young children and older adults, who have limited ability in brushing and flossing the teeth in the proper way. But before you get a mouthwash from the market and start using it you should better ask your dentist to recommend you one. Each variety is meant for a different purpose and is for a specific group of users. A dentist can recommend you an ideal mouthwash that suits your dental condition the best.

Drink sufficient quantity of water every day

Water is one of the most helpful beverages for both your physical and oral health. Make sure your mouth stays hydrated all the time. If you think your mouth is going dry just have a sip or two of water. As you drink water, it washes away food particles stuck between the teeth. Moreover water also negates some bad effect of sticky and acidic foods.

A dental hygienist with reasonable cost suggests in addition to the tips stated above include fresh fruits and green crunchy leafy vegetables in your every day diet. Along with that minimise your sugary intake as much as possible.