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Building Authentication and Authorization Systems in Node.js


Businesses in modern times make use of software or applications that is capable of handling multiple server requests, and are fast in computation of data intensive tasks. The access of the software is provided with secured authentication and authorization system in NodeJS. The reason is because if the users are not authenticated properly and the authorization methods is not introduced in the login system then it might provide opportunity to data hackers, network intruders or cyber criminals to gain unauthorized access to company resource and steal valuable sensitive data of company. This situation can create loss of trust bin minds of consumers, damage reputation of company in market and cause huge financial loss due to non compliance of data security standards like HIPPA, CORPA and DMCA and data protection laws.

What is meant with Authentication in NodeJS?

In simple words authentication means verifying users with username and password. It is a process of providing access to company resources to authenticated users. The password in the login form is hidden and is stored as hashed password rather than plan text. When user enters the password then application converts the input to hashed value. This hashed value is matched with the stored hashed password. If it matches then login is successful allowing the access to company resources through NodeJS applications.

Explain Authorization Systems and how is it different from Authentication?

Authorization system allows us to provide special permissions to the verified users like read write and execute. Unlike authentication where we only focus on verifying users for providing access to company resources, authorization focuses on providing special privilege or setting permission level to the registered and verified users.

Step by step procedure for implementing Authentication and Authorization Systems in Node.js

  • First of all we select the best Authentication Strategy like OAuth, or JWT.
  • Create schema for implementing hashed password to store user credentials
  • Develop intelligent and smart routing using API gateways to handle user registration and authentication processes.
  • Setting up middleware to ensure authentication and authorization of tokens or session cookies.
  • Providing single click logout mechanisms to end all opened sessions.

How to implement Authentication and Authorization Systems in Nodejs applications

Implementing authentication and authorization in NodeJS application is simple and easy. All we need to do is to download NodeJS from official website and install it on our computer. Once that is done download the latest version of npm and install the dependencies required for running NodeJS application smoothly. Deploy the source code in specific folder with secure login authentication and authorization system. The testing of the application must be done before hosting it to the production server for making it go live for public. The authentication system involves implementing authentication methods like encryption of password in hashed format and saving it in the database securely. When user inputs the password the hashed password then application converts it into hashed value which gets matched strongly with exact match of hashed key value pairs. Exact match of key value pairs of hatched password authenticates the user and logins becomes successful. Once the user gets logged in then the company resources can be accessed. It is possible that role based resources must be provided that is why we need to authorize the user with specific privilege or rights to access the company resources. The permission level is also set for the authenticated users.

How to find the best NodeJS developer outsourcing company?

 Selecting the best Node.js developer outsourcing company is crucial for developing highly scalable, robust and secure Nodejs applications that allows employees of organization to perform business tasks efficiently. Nodejs applications must be implemented with robust authentication and authorization system that allows role based login authentication system with special privilege of accessing specific functionality in the application. Here are some ways to find the best NodeJS developer outsourcing company.

Search on internet

By searching with NodeJS development related keywords we can find the company details that offer NodeJS development services. The search engine result pages for such keywords consists of Google my business sites, online classified directories, professional websites of NodeJS development company and some blogging sites.

By checking the Business profiles of NodeJS Development Company on social media platform

Nodejs development company share posts on the social media platforms to keep the followers informed about the latest trends about NodeJS development. By analyzing the social profiles of NodeJS Development Company we can get to know about the recent NodeJS development project.

Hire NodeJS consultants

It is recommended that we consult with experienced NodeJS consultants who have profound knowledge skills and technical proficiency of NodeJS development, and have ability to formulate cost effective and powerful NodeJS development plans. When we hire Nodejs consultants they identify business areas where NodeJS applications can be implemented with login authentication and authorization system.

Searching on business directory sites

There are several online classified sites or business directly websites where NodeJS Development Company lists their company services with contact details. These sites have location wise filters that allow us to find the NodeJS development company nearby our location. We can also filter the companies on the basis of geographical location to find the details of offshore NodeJS Development Company.

To sum up we must say that we should select the best NodeJS development company for implementing authentication and authorization system in NodeJS applications that is used in businesses. These companies have dedicated team of expert NodeJS developers and programmers who write clean and optimized codes for login authentication system and authorizing the verified users with privilege to access company resources as per business requirements. Nodejs applications must be compliant to data security rules and regulations set by the organization, and shall not have any loopholes in the system to avoid any data hacking incident, data loss or identity theft which could lead to huge financial loss of the company. Before choosing any company for NodeJS development services it is advisable that we check the company portfolios, check their experience, expertise and technical proficiency of NodeJS development team.