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How offshore Nodejs developers help us in building middleware for Businesses?

offshore nodejs developers
offshore nodejs developers

Nodejs is the most powerful and popular JavaScript runtime environment that is used by Nodejs developers for building highly scalable, robust and secure applications for business that is capable of handling multiple server requests,  manage data pipeline issues, improve user experience by facilitating two way secured communication between the client and server. Enterprise work on team and they need to share their data work for smooth functioning of business process. For this purpose we need software that helps us in carrying our business tasks efficiently, make use of middleware that ensures the communication between the user and database is done efficiently. In this article we will explore the realms of middleware and how NodeJS developers can help us in building middleware for business.

Understanding Middleware

When an application is hosted on the cloud server, a layer that lies between the application and the operating system of the user that is essential for running the application smoothly is called middleware. There are several types of middleware. Most common among them are Message-Oriented Middleware, Database Middleware, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Middleware, Object Middleware and Web Middleware. Some examples of middleware include Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis and JBoss EAP.

How offshore Nodejs Development Company help in building Middleware for businesses?

In-house Nodejs developers can be an expensive affair as business owners do not need NodeJS developers all the time. Once the application is built on NodeJS platform then it is ready to use. Hiring full stack in-house NodeJS developers could cause unnecessary burden to business owners. Hence many businesses in modern times are opting for offshore NodeJS development services. They hire offshore NodeJS developers for developing NodeJS applications that can be scaled up to any business size and team composition.

There are many benefits of hiring offshore NodeJS developers than in-house NodeJS developers. First of all, offshore NodeJS developer is not fixed full time employees. They work on project basis and once the project is complete they take another project. They use rapid development strategies and make use of NodeJS best practices for completing the NodeJS development project in less time cost effectively. When we hire offshore NodeJS developers they take complete responsibility of the NodeJS development project from beginning of the development lifecycle.

What things to consider before we hire offshore NodeJS developers?

Experience of the company

We must take care while selecting any offshore company for NodeJS development services. Nodejs applications are fast, secure and reliable. They can be integrated with real time data analytics tools that provide competitive edge to business owners and empower them to make data driven decision at right time for making more profit. An experienced offshore NodeJS developer handle more complicated challenges than in-house NodeJS developers hence are more productive. Experience in the similar projects can help offshore NodeJS developers handle complicated challenges of NodeJS projects.

Technical expertise of offshore NodeJS developers

Offshore NodeJS developers work on multiple projects in short duration which makes them more agile and flexible to adapt to newer technologies. If business owners want to harness the full potential of NodeJS then they must hire offshore NodeJS developers for developing customized business application. Nodejs developers must have skills of writing optimized codes in integrated development environment that help them to develop customized NodeJS applications that can perform specific business tasks efficiently.

Proven track records

We must check the professional website of Offshore NodeJS development company to find out company’s background history, quality of customized NodeJS development solutions offered to business clients, and explore their proven track records. Seeking recommendation from their previous clients can help us get the application developed in less cost.

Ability to understand unique business needs

One NodeJS development solution cannot be equally good and profitable for all businesses. The reason is because businesses might have unique business requirements, different business parameters for measuring employee’s efficiency and achievement of business goals. These business process, data workflow must be understood with the offshore NodeJS developers only then they can build NodeJS applications for handling complicated business problems. Communication skills of the offshore NodeJS developers are excellent as they speak fluent English which is global accepted language in multinational IT firms or organizations.

Back end operation skills

Nodejs applications have to handle database connectivity in microservices architecture. Unlike monolithic architecture where we have only one type of database, microservices architecture is capable of integrating several types of database in single NodeJS application. These databases are connected to API gateway that accept the user requests from user interface of the application, sends the request to specific database, get the response from the database and provide the information to api gateway and the api gateway then returns the data or information that is fetched from database to user in specified format. Nodejs developers must have adequate knowledge about different databases and how to integrate it in microservices architecture.

Flexibility to adapt to newer technologies

Technologies keeps on evolving with time and getting more sophisticated. That is why working with outdated NodeJS application will not be fruitful for business as they might not attain the maximum efficiency and harness full benefits. We need to make the application fast, secure and capable of handling multiple HTTP servers and for this purpose using latest version of JavaScript library files, web sockets and NodeJS package manager is required. The flexibility in adopting newer technology helps business owners to harness full potential of Node JS applications.


To sum up we must say that offshore NodeJS developers can help us develop middleware for our enterprise software and make the data workflow efficient. The customized middleware of the enterprise software allows us to make the data communication more secure, and optimized within the organization. By ensuring that our web based applications are fully operational and fast in computation we can carry out business processes focusing on core competencies and achieve business goals. If you are looking for building robust, scalable and high performance applications for your business you must consult with professional NodeJS consultants who can build cost effective plans for development team.