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How To Choose The Right Size Custom Mug Box For Shipping

custom mug boxes
custom mug boxes

In the case of conveying mugs, which are fragile products, it is essential to provide an appropriate package for the shipment. Choosing the right size and type of box are also important factors that can influence the protection of your consignment. Here are the steps to follow if you are wondering how to select the right custom printed mug boxes for shipping the cups and ensuring the right size, material, and protective covers.

Check Your Mug Volume And Number

To make the right choice of the appropriate mug box, one needs to measure the size of your mug. Take the measurements of the height and diameter of every mug to find out the dimensions needed for the box. Think about how many mugs you’ll be packing into a box and the way they will fit in the box to prevent them from moving about too vigorously during shipping.

Choose Appropriate Box Dimensions

When choosing a cardboard mug box, ensure that it has adequate space for the inclusion of padding around your mugs based on the measurements of the mugs in question. The dimensions of the box must be a little bigger than the dimensions of the mugs to make room for protective material such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Extra space also provides some measure of protection in situations where the mugs may be subjected to impacts on the way to the customers.

Think The Material And Strength

For cup protection, choose mug boxes with window that are tailored for transportation needs. They are also mostly made from cardboard, and this is good because cardboard is a material that is hard to impact. A high burst strength is also desirable for the box as it resists physical shocks and pressure or puncture during transportation.

Evaluate The Box Configuration

There are mug boxes Canada with open vents and those with no vents whereby if you prefer a box with visibility, select the one with the vents. If the mugs you are packaging are to be exposed without opening that box, then windowed boxes are the best. It is essential to confirm that the box meets the shipping requirements while at the same time making it aesthetically appealing if the mugs are part of a gift or ordering online to be displayed.

Explain Shipping Regulations And Cost Factor

Verify permitted sizes of the boxes as well as prohibited weights according to the laws governing the shipment and the policies of the carriers. Extra large boxes might also carry an additional price so using the smallest box possible to safely fit the mugs can help to minimize the shipping costs. Taking into account any dimensional weight calculation that may be in use by the carriers to measure packages that are large but light in terms of mass.

Include Protective Packaging Materials

No matter how big or small this box is, be sure to pack enough cushioning like bubble wrap, newspapers, or air-packed foam. The mugs should be wrapped individually to avoid contact and the possibility of one harming the other. Any gaps should be covered with more packing materials that would help in preventing any movement of the mugs and to also absents and distribute the impact that may be incurred during transportation.

Check Its Security Box

However, always carry out a test pack before finalizing the order to determine whether the mugs can snugly pack into the box or not. Tap, rock, or roll the box to check if it shifts in any way. If your mugs have moved around, you should increase padding or decrease the size of the box. Good packing should leave the mugs immobile during the handling and even during the transport of the box.

Categorizing And Settling The Box

After you have properly packed the mugs with protection, then pack the box using good-quality tape. Include the sender and the recipient’s postage address in addition to any special instructions for handling the  coffee mug boxes. Make sure the label is on properly, and use waterproof if the ink is smudged when fixing it to make sure it does not smudge, tear, or be damaged along the way.


Selecting dark-colored mugs is not important here, but selecting the right size of a mug boxes for shipping is crucial for the protection of your fragile shipment. You also want that size of custom box with logos to be a good fit for your mugs, without being too large – you can also add padding to provide that additional keeping your mugs safe during shipping.