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Is Custom Kraft Paper the Right Choice for Your Project?

Custom Kraft Paper
Custom Kraft Paper

Kraft paper has been used in packaging and crafting for many years but the demand for it has been refocusing recently because of its significant features: environmentally friendly, and versatility. With increased consciousness of the consumers on the effects created by their various activities in the environment, there is now a growing shift towards the use of wholesale custom kraft paper instead of the usually used raw materials such as plastics and bleached paper. 

So, what are the options for realizing your idea on kraft paper using its characteristics, namely cost, durability, and creativity?

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a kind of paper with the raw material of wood pulp and it uses the production process named kraft process, the raw material is first cooked with chemicals and water and gets the cellulose fiber. What is obtained is a paper that is highly durable, less prone to tearing, and comes out as a strong paper. Kraft paper can be natural shades of brown, white, and black, further, can be coated with wax or any other substance to make them water-resistant.


Kraft paper is versatile and therefore enjoys a high level of application in many industries. It can be employed in packaging and transport as well as in works of art and various crafts. Kraft paper is commonly used for: Kraft paper is commonly used for:

  • The main applications of black kraft paper are the boxing of delicate items, Creating personalized boxes, and Lining shipping containers.
  • Since kraft paper does not have a specific color and has a thick rough surface it is used in scrapbooking, origami, and many more simple projects.
  • Broen Christmas wrapping paper is versatile as it can undergo stamping, sticking, and adding of ribbons to yield great and environmentally friendly newspapers.
  • Kraft paper can be printed by various methods such as; screen printing, letter pressing, and digital printing.


The general consideration of environmental friendliness is a factor that is receiving much attention in the modern world; hence kraft paper can be seen as environmentally-friendly. Another advantage of using kraft paper is that it is biodegradable, can be recycled, and even made into compost hence being friendly to the environment as compared to plastic or any material that is not biodegradable. In the same regard, kraft paper is usually produced from recycled material making its effects on the environment relatively minimal.


Kraft packing paper generally costs less than most other paper forms of construction especially when one is ordering in large quantities. This can make it a favorable choice for every business and individual that would want to carry out some contract work and at the same want to save some cash without necessarily having to compromise quality. Bulk kraft paper and kraft paper with specific company logos will be cheaper usually, especially for large-scale projects that need a large quantity of paper.


Kraft paper has versatility and is very strong, which is due to the kraft process that goes through the making of the paper. Another advantage is that the paper can hardly be torn, thus it is appropriate to use it for packing and transportation cases. Kraft freezer paper is therefore a form of wax paper that is utilized for its enhanced characteristic of waterproofing by having its surface laminated with wax.

Customization Options

It should be noted that the main material for developing kraft paper is quite versatile and can be easily adapted to its intended purpose. Custom-printed kraft paper can usually be printed on and this option involves imprinting the paper with business logos, business names, or any other designs a business desires, hence giving the final packaging or marketing material that nice finish. Kraft Christmas wrapping paper can be ordered with Christmas themes and prints, allowing the gifts’ packaging to look unique.

Factors To Take Into Account

While wholesale kraft paper sheets are a versatile and eco-friendly choice, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when using them.


There are many types of kraft paper and the right kind will depend on the use required of the paper. For instance, the kraft paper that is thicker with high density is appropriate for use in the packaging and the shipment while the thin kraft paper is suitable for the arts and the crafts.


Kraft paper printing though kraft paper can be printed on, consists of many porous parts that need a special ink type or particular printing method. However, one should not jump into a type of printing with a big project without practicing the kind of printing first.

Moisture resistance

Kraft paper is, however, not water resistant while custom wax paper and other use types have better water resistance properties. If the paper will be exposed mainly to water, then it is recommended that a coated kraft paper is used or that a sealing coat is put on the paper.


Custom kraft paper is considered biodegradable, affordable, and ideal for various purposes ranging from food packing to arts and crafts. Its endurance, stability, and adjustability are furthermore impressive; a sealant is therefore an excellent option for businesspeople and consumers keen on protecting their environment while exploiting the best of the available products. If you are interested in such solutions as individually printed kraft paper or if you are still searching for the opportunities offered y simple brown kraft paper, this material will suit you in any case.