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Understanding the Benefits of Christmas Umrah Packages

Christmas Umrah Packages
Christmas Umrah Packages

Muslims dream of performing Hajj or Umrah at least once in their lifetime. These are sacred pilgrimages that renew faith and cleanse the soul, provided Muslims perform them with the purest intentions. However, in this fast-paced world, it’s difficult to take time off from our busy routine. It doesn’t help that Hajj has to be performed at a specific time of the year, and people may or may not be able to get time off for it. Umrah, on the other hand, can be performed at any time of the year, and there is no better time to perform it than the Christmas holidays. Here is why Christmas Umrah packages are the best choice for Muslims residing in the UK.

Benefits of Christmas Umrah Packages

Muslims are growing in number in Europe and the UK, and they have to plan their pilgrimage as per Christian holidays. Christmas is the biggest Christian religious event, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s celebrated on December 25th of every year. It’s the best time to perform the pilgrimage for two reasons: weather and holidays. Here is why you should choose the Christmas Umrah package.

Easy to Take Time Off

The modern lifestyle is a busy one, and it’s difficult to take time off from it. Christmas is a public holiday and lasts for a week. Instead of planning a tight trip to the holy city where you land, perform the pilgrimage, and return the next day, the Christmas holidays ensure you get to perform Umrah in peace. Pilgrims can combine their annual paid leaves with the Christmas holidays to extend their stay in the holy city of Makkah.

Stress-Free Pilgrimage

One of the benefits of the Christmas Umrah packages is that pilgrims perform Umrah in a stress-free state of mind. Privately, pilgrims have to plan every detail of their trip. But, with an Umrah package, the travel agency plans everything for them. The package includes living arrangements, transportation, food, and a helpline for emergencies.

Privately, pilgrims won’t find a hotel room close to Haram as they are already booked by the travel agencies for their customers. This means that they’ll have to find a hotel far from Haram and commute from there, increasing the distance and the transportation costs. With a travel agency, pilgrims get to stay in hotels close to Haram, which reduces the commute time.


Planning the pilgrimage privately costs a lot than a Umrah package. The travel agency negotiates better discounts on hotels and transportation. Pilgrims can further reduce the cost of their trip by opting for a group Umrah package. The cost of the trip is divided among the group members, which further reduces costs, and the travel agency can negotiate better discounts in bulk.

Pleasant Weather

Saudi Arabia’s weather is hot most of the year, but the weather is pleasant enough in December. Performing the pilgrimage during Christmas allows pilgrims to perform ritual prayers and explore the holy city with relative ease.

Less Crowd

Umrah is a physically challenging journey due to huge crowds and hot weather. Makkah and Medina are filled with pilgrims most of the year. However, during Christmas the weather is pleasant and there are no overbearing crowds, making it easy for pilgrims to perform their ritual prayer without exhausting themselves.

Guided Pilgrimage

Performing Umrah privately is difficult, as pilgrims have to remember each step and requirement. With an Umrah package, pilgrims are appointed dedicated scholars or guides who guide them through each step of the pilgrimage. This makes it very easy to perform Umrah without having to memorize everything and risk making mistakes.

Personalized Services

Travel agencies provide personalized services with Christmas Umrah packages. Since there is a minimal crowd, the travel agency can include and negotiate better prices for personalized services that otherwise would be expensive and difficult to acquire.

Types of Umrah Packages

Travel agencies in the UK offer different packages. The prices vary based on the accommodations and services included in the package. There are three types of travel packages offered by travel agencies: 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star packages. Here is what you get in each Umrah package offered by travel agencies:

3-Star Package

This is the most affordable travel package for pilgrims. It includes 3-star hotel accommodations, transport, return flights, and visa facilitation. The travel agency will also accommodate any special needs of the pilgrims.

4-Star Package

4-star packages offer the most value for money. They include 4-star hotel accommodation, a guide, visa facilitation, return flights, and a helpline for emergencies.

5-Star Package

This is the most luxurious and expensive package a travel agency can offer. Pilgrims get the best of everything, from living arrangements to food. The package includes 5-star hotel accommodation, on-ground staff to help with any emergency, visa facilitation, direct flights, guided tours to holy sites, and scholars that guide pilgrims through each step of the pilgrimage.

Considerations before you leave for Umrah

Before you head for the airport, here are some tips that will ensure the pilgrimage goes smoothly.

  • Check your documents: Before you leave for the airport, ensure your documents are complete.
  • Pack comfortable footwear: Pilgrims walk long distances during Umrah, so pack a comfortable pair of footwear to avoid sore feet.
  • Keep some local currency: Pilgrim can pay for almost everything with credit or debit cards. But it’s a good idea to have some local currency with you in case of emergencies.
  • Safety Precautions: Pilgrims must take safety precautions during the pilgrimage. Pickpockets are common in Makkah and Medina, so try to keep enough cash with you that you need for that day. If you get pickpocketed, you’ll only lose some of your cash.

Final Thoughts

Christmas Umrah packages 2024 are the best deal for Muslims residing in the UK and Europe. They get to perform the pilgrimage with peace of mind due to extended holidays, fewer crowds, the weather being pleasant, and a guided tour. Visit our website to get your quote and get ready to rejuvenate your soul and renew your faith.