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What is the Reason for Joint Pain and Treatment?

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Joints are an essential part of the body that helps a person move and perform their work. But due to various reasons, one can experience severe to mild joint pain in their joints. The pain in joints can be due to a lot of overwork or an underlying cause. This blog focuses on the various reasons that cause joint pain and treatment to be provided by the best orthopedic surgeon to reduce joint pain. 

What is Joint Pain?

Due to some reasons, you might experience fluids inside your joint space. This fluid causes the joints to swell. This swelling can be excruciatingly painful and make it challenging to move from one place to another. Swelling can affect the joint position and its shape. With time the pain keeps on increasing. 

The swelling can affect one or more joints of your body. It increases joint pain and after a few months or years, you will not be able to move. It reduces the mobility and flexibility of your joints making them stiff and swollen. The joints most frequently affected by discomfort and swelling include the hips, knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, spine and knuckles.

Causes of Joint Pain

One may experience joint pain for a variety of reasons and medical issues. Joint pain frequently results from an accident, an infection, a disease, an injury or inflammation.

Some common reasons for joint pain include:


Some types of Injuries can result in Joint pain. Overuse or exertion of the joints can result in a fracture, sprain, or strain which causes extreme joint pain. 

Just like other problems, ACL is a ligament in the knee that results in extreme knee pain. It is more likely to occur in athletes who participate in certain sports, such as football, basketball, or soccer.


Joint discomfort can be a side effect of several infections. Let’s consider an example of an infection caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) that results in joint pain. Some people with HCV can experience rheumatic disorders which is an autoimmune disorder, and it ultimately leads to joint pain. 


A few diseases might hurt your joints. Muscle and joint discomfort are prominent signs of chronic autoimmune diseases. In fact, for more than half of people who acquire lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis, joint discomfort is the first sign. The immune system of a lupus patient becomes overactive and kills healthy tissues.


Arthralgia and arthritis seem like the same disease but differ significantly. Both words are merely related to joint pain, but if a person is suffering from arthralgia, they don’t experience joint inflammation and joint just like arthritis. Over half of the world’s population experience arthritis and report pain in their joints as they age. 

According to research, there are various types of arthritis. Some major types include:

  • OA (osteoarthritis)
  • Gout 
  • Septic arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Symptoms of Joint Pain

There are various reasons why one can experience joint pain but the symptoms of joint pain are limited. The foremost reason is that the patient will feel difficulty moving. If any patient for any reason applied extra pressure on their pints, their cartilage will break resulting in extreme pain while moving. 

Some patients will feel difficulty in visiting temples, going on evening walks, sitting with their legs folded, going for a run, unable to use the Indian toilet and moreover, their legs will swell. These all can be caused when they don’t go for proper treatment. 

Not only this, some patients might not be able to even stand for a longer period of time. The more the patient becomes careless about his joint pain, the more problems he starts to face with the passing of time. It is highly recommended to visit a good doctor even if you experience a slight pain that doesn’t go away in a week. 

Additionally, one must visit the best orthopedic surgeon if:

  • The joint appears red, painful, swollen, or heated to the touch
  • You’ve sustained a critical injury
  • The joint seems to be distorted
  • Joint swelling appears out of nowhere
  • The joint can’t move at all
  • Your joints hurt a lot

Treatment of Joint Pain 

The treatment merely depends on the cause of the joint pain and the extent to which it hurts the body. Depending on your age, gender, extremity of joint pain, cause of joint pain and condition, your orthopedic surgeon can recommend you some wonderful ways of Treating the joint pain. Some common ways include – 


Medicine is the first and foremost way of treating a problem. Certain medicines are recommended based on the type of problem. Generally, painkillers are given to avoid the minute pain in the joints. 


Some doctors find the best way to treat patients with a combination of physiotherapy and medication. Physiotherapy increases the mobility and flexibility of the joint reducing the pain. Physiotherapy involves various methods such as exercises, yoga, brisk walking, etc. These methods are suggested by the doctor depending on your situation. 


Surgery is the last option recommended to a patient if other ways of treatment don’t work. The surgery is generally recommended for old-age patients or patients that have some diseases that affect their joints. Different types of surgery are done on different body parts to reduce your pain. Surgery reduces joint pain and physiotherapy along with medication is recommended. 

When Should I See a Doctor?

If you experience joint discomfort or swelling that begins without any apparent cause and lasts for more than a few days, or if the joint is also red and warm, you should probably consult a doctor. 

Your doctor will recommend you undergo X-rays, blood tests and maybe additional scans may be required. In some circumstances, the doctor may want to use an arthroscope to view the inside of the joint. After your diagnosis, your doctor may recommend you some treatment methods which could start with medications and go up to surgery. 

There are some best hip replacement surgeons that provide instant solutions to your problem after fully diagnosing you. Always look for a doctor having a proper education, vast years of experience, availability, reviews and the way they talk & treat their patients. So, if you are facing severe joint pain, immediately consult a doctor near your location and get yourself treated.